Chapter 14: For the love of Disney!!

Me and my girlfriend love Disney and my girlfriend is a princess so we decided to start collecting everything Disney.

(Some of are collection may contain non Disney’s but we class them as one)

one day i hope to take her to actual Disneyland. But id have to be careful she doesn’t leave me for a dressed up character ha-ha!!

So firstly we have started making a list of Disney films and stamping them off the list with a date stamp once we had brought them


more to be added


collected so far…

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Chapter 13: The day we got Harvey..

So not posted on here in a while so thought id take it back a year and write about the day we got a new addition to our family.

This is our Harvey a few days old-


This is Harvey a few months old-

iphone 716

And this is Harvey now –

iphone picturess 1207

hes so cheeky and naughty but so cute he even follows us around the field whilst taking the dog for walks and even to the bus stop till we get on the bus.. ha!!

Chapter 12-Our day out.Β 

So I skipped chapter 11 as I will be writing a late post on our Valentine’s Day so make sure you follow to read more posts πŸ™‚ 

So anyway one of my presents to Stephanie (my beautiful girlfriend) was tickets to Chester zoo. I was excited to see the Penguins and she loves elephants so was excited to see them. 

But typical us got up late and had to rush to get dressed grab are cameras and out the door nearly missed the coach but got there with 5 minutes to spare!! Phew! 

So when we finally got there and through gates we was handed a map ha! Me and steph with a map! A terrible combination! Ha! 

Us trying to figure out which ways to go we ended up seeing the flamingos about 20 times ha! In the end I couldn’t cope with seeing anymore flamingos ha! But next to the flamingos was the cute little penguins and I managed to capture this cute one. 

I then took her through the butterfly tent and the bat cave (which she was scared of) :p 

Then finally had a look round the gift shop where we brought these two cute mini teddies for each other elephant one and my penguin one πŸ˜€ 

We are always buying teddies ha! So after a long day out. Finally got back and had a nice cup of tea. Just need to go get out film cameras developed to see how the pictures came out like πŸ™‚ 

A successful day out. 


All chapters- missing my girl

so this morning my beautiful girlfriend had to go home and leave me till Thursday evening. I miss my girlfriend more and more each time she leaves. She’s such a cutie!

I love cuddling up to her on the sofa with a blanket. I can’t wait till we move in together so I get to see her everyday  annoy her all day πŸ˜‰ ha! and fall asleep with her every night. 

But Whilst she was with me for the few days this week we decided to go to manchester science and industry museum which was fun but the weather was freezing outside. 

Chapter 10- thy diy gift number 1…

I love making my girlfriend diy gifts, I think they are so more meaningful. What I love about diy gifts is that it’s all about the effort and thought more then thy price and I love the fact that No other person will have the exact same gift. 

So a while back I wanted to get my girlfriend a bonsai tree but didn’t have the money so I searched Pinterest! (If you haven’t got Pinterest go get it it’s full of amazing projects) and I found a Bonsai tree made out of cardboard… This was mine I made…so I grabbed a cardboard box cutting out the shapes to build my tree trunk and painted them a brown. I then used some flowers out of a centre piece pack from the poundshop. Then to add a cute finishing touches I added a tire swing and and tag with some bonsai infomation. πŸ˜€ my girlfriend loved it and I was happy with my finished gift πŸ™‚ 




Chapter 9 – Shrek in theatre

So for are 6 months anniversary we went and seen Shrek the musical in theatre. I thought that the orchestra was amazing. We was sat up in the grand tier and it was really high but once got into the show kind of got used to it. especially when we was eating ice cream mmm vanilla ice cream.  10913527_334143003453697_44173062_n

so now that we’ve been to the theatre together for the first time we can now add thy tickets to our memory box πŸ˜€



It was a fun evening with my beautiful girlfriend was a good 6 months anniversary day.

A promise made…

Chapter 12… I Promise

Ok so I’ve skipped a few chapters ha. But I loved exchanging promise rings and letters and think that it’s a really great gift to give your partner so I thought I’d write skip ahead 

we did ours on Christmas Day but you could do it for Valentine’s Day which is coming up soon πŸ™‚ basically promise rings is a first step before getting engaged where you exchange a ring and a letter with promises you want to make to each other πŸ™‚ this is my promise ring I got for my girlfriend πŸ™‚ …

I grabbed a plain cardboard box from craft store and some map wrapping paper wrapped the bottom part with it put the ring inside and tied string around the outside to finish it off πŸ™‚ 

Along side it for my promise letter, I decorated a plain envelope with map paper to go with my theme and then just added a few festive stamps. My girlfriends ring to me was perfect I love it… She wrapped a box in a shimmer cream/silver wrapping paper and finished it off with string and a cute little white glittered bell.  



Once upon a time…

Chapter One- Then and now. 

Hello, this blog is all about being in love and our plans about traveling ,wedding plans, together lets list and more.. about being happy in a relatationship and hopefully share our happiness amongst other people in love or people looking for love please start following our blog. To read our ongoing love story… This was one of our first pictures taken when we first met. We was young back then and we was just friends. But looking back now wish we was together then. But if things are ment to be they will be and it did as 4 years later ended up getting back in touch and now we are very much happily in love after being together for 6 months on the 2nd. Nobody has ever made me more happier in my whole life and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her. “When you find real love you have to grab it with both hands and never let it go”.