A promise made…

Chapter 12… I Promise

Ok so I’ve skipped a few chapters ha. But I loved exchanging promise rings and letters and think that it’s a really great gift to give your partner so I thought I’d write skip ahead 

we did ours on Christmas Day but you could do it for Valentine’s Day which is coming up soon 🙂 basically promise rings is a first step before getting engaged where you exchange a ring and a letter with promises you want to make to each other 🙂 this is my promise ring I got for my girlfriend 🙂 …

I grabbed a plain cardboard box from craft store and some map wrapping paper wrapped the bottom part with it put the ring inside and tied string around the outside to finish it off 🙂 

Along side it for my promise letter, I decorated a plain envelope with map paper to go with my theme and then just added a few festive stamps. My girlfriends ring to me was perfect I love it… She wrapped a box in a shimmer cream/silver wrapping paper and finished it off with string and a cute little white glittered bell.  




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