Chapter 10- thy diy gift number 1…

I love making my girlfriend diy gifts, I think they are so more meaningful. What I love about diy gifts is that it’s all about the effort and thought more then thy price and I love the fact that No other person will have the exact same gift. 

So a while back I wanted to get my girlfriend a bonsai tree but didn’t have the money so I searched Pinterest! (If you haven’t got Pinterest go get it it’s full of amazing projects) and I found a Bonsai tree made out of cardboard… This was mine I made…so I grabbed a cardboard box cutting out the shapes to build my tree trunk and painted them a brown. I then used some flowers out of a centre piece pack from the poundshop. Then to add a cute finishing touches I added a tire swing and and tag with some bonsai infomation. 😀 my girlfriend loved it and I was happy with my finished gift 🙂 





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