Chapter 12-Our day out. 

So I skipped chapter 11 as I will be writing a late post on our Valentine’s Day so make sure you follow to read more posts 🙂 

So anyway one of my presents to Stephanie (my beautiful girlfriend) was tickets to Chester zoo. I was excited to see the Penguins and she loves elephants so was excited to see them. 

But typical us got up late and had to rush to get dressed grab are cameras and out the door nearly missed the coach but got there with 5 minutes to spare!! Phew! 

So when we finally got there and through gates we was handed a map ha! Me and steph with a map! A terrible combination! Ha! 

Us trying to figure out which ways to go we ended up seeing the flamingos about 20 times ha! In the end I couldn’t cope with seeing anymore flamingos ha! But next to the flamingos was the cute little penguins and I managed to capture this cute one. 

I then took her through the butterfly tent and the bat cave (which she was scared of) :p 

Then finally had a look round the gift shop where we brought these two cute mini teddies for each other elephant one and my penguin one 😀 

We are always buying teddies ha! So after a long day out. Finally got back and had a nice cup of tea. Just need to go get out film cameras developed to see how the pictures came out like 🙂 

A successful day out. 



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