Chapter 14: For the love of Disney!!

Me and my girlfriend love Disney and my girlfriend is a princess so we decided to start collecting everything Disney.

(Some of are collection may contain non Disney’s but we class them as one)

one day i hope to take her to actual Disneyland. But id have to be careful she doesn’t leave me for a dressed up character ha-ha!!

So firstly we have started making a list of Disney films and stamping them off the list with a date stamp once we had brought them


more to be added


collected so far…

Then now and then we surprise each other with Disney teddy s from Disney store  and so far we have surprised each other with…

Stephaine –

1.  Pascal – Tangled

2.  Roo- Winnie the pooh

sheralee –

  1. Sebastian – The little mermaid


I’m such a loser!! ha!


So then we was in Tesco and spotted Disney books.. secret no: 1 (we spot these because I’m a big kid who looks at the kids toys isle before food shopping)

so one day when I was coming back from work I stopped in and brought my girlfriend the snow white Disney book and some white flowers to surprise her..

11998447_10200980406429149_1626751116_n (1)

So far….


1.  Cars Disney book


1.   Snow white Disney book


So the scores so far are:




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